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Art with Intention™

Each painting I create for the, “Art with Intention” series has a specific meaning and vibration to help remind the viewer to stay focused on their desires. “Art with Intention” images are like visual affirmations.

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Art by Montana Black

Recent Work

This gallery displays all of Montana Black’s art work created within the last two years...

Angels Unveiled

This series of paintings explores the divinity of humanity and all other living beings on this planet. Each human angel is communing with an animal, bird, or fish...

Lotus Garden

These paintings created by Montana Black talk about that within each of us is the power to transform the world. There is a light of wholeness...

Feng Shui

The term feng shui literally translates as "wind-water" in English, and refers to balancing the earthly and heavenly (atmospheric) energies...

From The Blog

Raven Steals the Sun: A Legend of the Native Peoples of the Pacific Northwest

Raven Steals the Sun; linocut print/ Montana Black
Long ago, near the beginning of the world, Grey Eagle guarded the sun, moon, stars, water, and fire. But Grey Eagle hated people. […]

River Otter Totem

River Otters: gouache on watercolor paper / Montana Black
Painted some otters today cause I need their energy. When otter comes into your life it reminds you to take time to […]

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