Art with Intention™

Even before language, there was art. Deep within the caves of Alta Mira, Spain, we can still view crude forms of animals on the walls – images that were part of religious ceremonies dating back as far as 18,500 years!

Throughout history, visual art has been ever-present, found in every religious group. This universal acceptance stems from the fact that art is a conduit from the metaphysical to the physical. It exhibits a magical and transformational capability. It can convey feelings and ideas that cannot easily be put into words. It can evoke Joy. Laughter. Sorrow. Disgust. Anger. Inspiration. Enlightenment.

Every day, life shows us how images have power. Visualization is a very effective tool for rehearsing a sport or practicing a business presentation. We also know that our unconscious mind influences our external world based on the images we send it. We can pull forth the desires of our hearts from the unseen to the seen by visualizing what we want.

I create “Art with Intention” TM to help with the process of affirming and reminding individuals of what they want. Each painting I create for the, “Art with Intention” TM series has a specific meaning and vibration to help remind the viewer to stay focused on their desires. “Art with Intention” TM images are like visual affirmations.

One of my paintings, “Fiery Phoenix” is a great image of soaring, fire, and power. This “Art with Intention” TM piece is all about helping you to focus on your passion and achieve success and recognition for it. The “Fiery Phoenix” is telling you to,” Go after it, go after it now!! You are strong enough, powerful enough and worthy of all the greatness you desire!”

“Heaven’s Birds” is another “Art with Intention” painting. I love this piece because I was able to speak about the Sacred Darkness that each of us must face as we transition from this life to the next. This darkness is not cold but warm and nurturing, rather like the womb we emerged from to this world. This, “Art with Intention” TM, painting is reminding you that what you see is not all there is. We are on an amazing journey through time and space and the Ravens represent the energy that will guide us from this plane of existence to the next.

“Art with Intention” is the latest manifestation of my own attempt to understand this life and bring balance and healing to myself and those around me. I paint because that is what I know how to do and it has been my passion for many years. I love the power visual art can have to affect people, to affect me.

It is my Intention to create healing and consciousness raising art; I think I am off to a good start. Please hang around and enjoy the work and come back often, because the best is yet to come. –Montana Black

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