Jacob and the Apple – Angel of Eden

Oil, acrylic, pencil on canvas – 36″ x 48″ / 2010 / Montana Black

Angel of Eden: Jacob Contemplates the Apple “Jacob and the Apple”

Eating of the Apple is a metaphor for choosing an experience of time, choosing an experience of life. We choose to leave the timeless state of being that is paradise be born into bodies that are time-bound and finite. Of course, I am making the assumption that being born is a choice and there are many who would disagree. We won’t really know the truth of that until our time here is done and maybe not even then. But I would like us to at least entertain the idea that the Genesis story can be retold in a different light. There is no such thing as original sin. We were never cast out, but perhaps shown a way out to another experience.

The saying on the painting reads: Will you say, ‘Yes.’, to this experience, angel? Will you eat of the fruit of human experience? Leave Paradise for a while to taste the sublime, exotic flavors of time-bound awareness? (You know you may return anytime you like.)