Condor Ex Voto

Oil, acrylic, gold leaf, metal sconce on framed wood panel – 16” x 10” / 2011  SOLD

Condor comes when one is asking for assistance in the removal of the ‘dead’ matter in our lives. This ‘dead’ matter can be people, ideas, feelings, situations, etc…It is that which no longer serves a purpose in our lives and must be cleared away so the new can come in.

An ex-voto is a votive offering to a saint or divinity. All of creation is a representation of Divinity…is Divine.

The “Ex-Voto” series are animal saints that one can light a candle in offering and thanks for being blessed with the energy/ attributes of that animal.

Insight can be gained in all areas of our lives if we are willing to open up and allow ourselves to receive what is always there to be understood.

Affirmation: I release that which no longer serves my highest good and therefore the highest good of all those around me.