Apollo – My Dad

Apollo - My Dad

Apollo – My Dad: oil on canvas; 36×48 / Montana Black


I was attempting to do a portrait of my father with this piece. The imagery and symbols within relate to my perception of him. He died when I was a young child, so what I have in my mind are shadows of ideas about who he may have been. What I feel about my dad is centered around my belief about his love of the desert – especially the desert southwest, hence the use of the image of Bryce Canyon and the Joshua tree.

Apollo is a Greek god associated with the sun and spring. I used a partial lyric from a Kate Bush song – ” your sun’s coming out…just saying it could even make it happen..” I was referring to my sun as well as my father’s. The blue jays, like with all the birds I use in my work, are about transcendence – emotional and spiritual liberation. I associate the jay with my father for some reason I am not quite sure about yet.
The camp chairs and words “black coffee” and “drive” are about road trips which I strongly associate with my dad. Some of my earliest and only memories of are of camping trips in our Airstream trailer.