Perfect Union

Acrylic on Canvas – 3’ x 4’ / 2007   Commissioned piece

Love, Relationships

In Chinese mythology, the dragon and the phoenix when shown together represent marital bliss. The dragon’s  tail  wrapping around his soul mate creates the shape of a human heart, and the heart center is where the love that each of us carries resides. The degree to which we allow ourselves to love, is the degree to which we are able to say “yes” to life. While this image deals primarily with romantic love it is also about agape love – love for all beings in this world.

Allow this enchanting image to help you to set the intention to open yourself fully to the awesome power of  love you carry in your Heart Center.  It is this love that lights up and heals the world. Let it shine!

Affirmation: I am open to give and receive love in all forms. I heal myself and the world with my love.