Change – Revelation – Joy

Change Revelation Joy

Change – Revelation – Joy (commissioned piece)

This painting is the direct result of Mandeep Kaur’s (Melanie Paulk Abderrahman) vision of the path to awareness.
Like a lotus flower our enlightenment comes in these stages:

First: there is Change: conditions are right for the seed of understanding to come out of its resting state in its deep royal blue bed and begin to sprout.

Second: there is Revelation: a higher understanding and awareness of the truth of life is revealed as a result of the change…lotus breaks the surface of its watery bed to be seen in the sunshine of new knowledge; the vibrant lime/sap green of vigorous growth.

Third: is Joy: a high vibration state reached after the new awareness is gained and metabolized by the mind, body and soul. The lotus flowers in pure ecstasy of oneness; the color of peach-orange carries the joy vibration.

Change, Revelation, Joy; Oil, acrylic and gold leaf on framed wood panel / 48” x 48” / 2011
Montana Black