White Lotus on Blue

Oil, acrylic on canvas – 24” x 24” / 2008   SOLD

Enlightenment, Creativity, Spiritual Guidance

These beautiful flowers grow out of the dark, cold mud into the bright and warm sunlight. This can show us that we have the capacity to grow out of the mud of our perceived limitations into the full realization of our magnificence.

Make your way, day by day gathering understanding, sometimes consciously, sometimes not, getting closer and closer to what your heart is longing for. I call that longing Oneness with my higher power.  Keep turning toward the light of Oneness because it is what your soul desires. And one day, when conditions are just right, your consciousness will blossom fully into total realization as will every being in this world.

Affirmation: I am beauty. I am whole and full of light. I am Light.