River Otter Totem

River Otter 001

River Otters: gouache on watercolor paper / Montana Black

Painted some otters today cause I need their energy. When otter comes into your life it reminds you to take time to play and enjoy your life. If you’ve been working too hard – take time to stop and smell the roses.

River Otter Totem:
“Otters are regarded as the masters of play by the Native American and Celtic cultures. Observing an individual otter or a family of otters shows us that it’s possible to view life as a game to be enjoyed, rather than a burden to be endured. Living is not painful, it’s a gift. Life is too short to worry so much.”

Source: http://www.shamanicjourney.com/otter-power-animal-symbol-of-primal-female-energy-faithfulness